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We all have different goals for ourselves and we all want different things out of life. WHAT DO YOU WANT and HOW CAN WE HELP?



If you're not working to get better, know that somebody else out there is. It's not always about getting better physically; it's about getting better mentally and emotionally, too. If you're not working on something, you're not doing everything you can. WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON?






Many people have different goals when it comes to baseball. For some, it's to make their Varsity team. For others, it's to play at the college level. And just about everyone has dreams of going Pro someday. Unfortunately, for many of us, our talent will only take us so far. But luckily, no matter our age, our skill, or our tools, we can all find a way to get better. Baseball is not just a game of physical prowess. It's a game that favors knowledge over talent and intelligence over sheer brawn. Combining insight along with an indomitable work ethic may not guarantee success but it will most assuredly give you the chance to get the most out of your abilities. We have programs that help players 12 and under get ready for that big step onto the "BIG" field. We at KNOW THE GAME have programs that will reinforce the fundamentals and give you an edge when it comes to the High School level. And we have programs that will help student-athletes use baseball as a vehicle to get an education that they may not normally have dreamed of. We will condition our programs to fit your wants and needs and will guarantee that you will KNOW THE GAME better than you did before you jumped on board. Everybody has questions, and we have answers. We have experience from just about every level of the game and we're there to help get you where you're trying to go. We KNOW THE GAME and with our help, so will you...


Everyone is worried about making mistakes and not everyone knows where to go to get answers to their questions.


At KTGB we have access to a comprehensive list of resources that help you prepare for whatever foreseeable (and unforeseeable) obstacles you may need to overcome. In addition to skill instruction, all participants will be provided materials they can take home with them. Ranging everywhere from throwing programs, stretching regimens, to shoulder protocols and nutritional handouts, you will have something to take with you no matter where you go.


If contacted ahead of time, we may be able to customize your package to address the issues that concern you most. KTGB is unique in that we have the actual experience to back-up our product. We have the material necessary to maneuver and excel without charging the exorbitant fees of a showcase or the costly recurring expenses of an academy.


By bringing talented specialists and speakers to one place, we structure our seminars to serve our athletes as well as our parents. The goal of KNOW THE GAME BASEBALL is to answer all the questions you might have regarding the intricacies of what it takes to get yourselves into those elite schools that you might not ordinarily know how to approach. We bring our instructors and speakers to one place and educate you on the things everybody needs to know if you hope to play at the next level. There are other programs out there that say they offer a similar package but NO ONE offers the range, scope, and experience that we do at KTGB. You have questions, we have answers and we want to share them with you.